Concerto - The Premier Digital Acoustic Accordion

Concerto is the perfect marriage of an artisan accordion made by old world craftsmen in the heart of accordion country – Castelfidardo, Italy married together with the very finest digital electronics designed and manufactured in the USA.

Let us make one for you! – Buying your Concerto is a special experience in life. Your Concerto is not like most other articles you purchase. Clothing, cars, televisions,furniture; most are mass produced. In many cases no human hands touch these products during their entire creation.

Your new Concerto is assembled entirely by the hands of loving craftsmen who know their trade. Each Concerto is an individual finely tuned and honed to be a perfect piece of art. You choose the type of tuning, the colors, the artwork, the type of reeds and your Concerto becomes your accordion a one of a kind – its own persona!

Tone Chamber Models – The Concerto Tone Chamber models feature a solid aged mahogany chamber with the very finest hand made reeds and in the case of all special edition Concerto accordions the ultimate hand cut triangulated reeds are used. These special reeds give your Concerto a superior dynamic range and sonority of truly a world class concert accordion.

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